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Digital Agency Opportunity

Perusahaan: job vacancy
Tanggal Posting: 19 Aug 2014
SITTI, the first and largest
Indonesian contextual advertising platform company which established in 2010.
Our network includes thousands of websites and blogs in Indonesian language is
on a quest changing the lives of around 2 Million UKM and entrepreneurs in
Indonesia by unleashing the full potential of e-Commerce to them.
We are in a mission to help millions of UKM businesses to go on-line and expand
their business potential over the Internet. Backed by large worldwide financial
institutions and massive UKM networks. We are looking for candidates seeking
for great challenges technically and can still feel a little bit better knowing
your effort makes a small different to other people families and lives.
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Male/Female, Max 30 years old
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's Degree, -
Computer Science/Information Technology or equivalent.
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Fresh graduates are also welcome to apply.
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Preferably have experience as software engineer minimum for
3 years.
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Understand one or more: Python, Java, C/C++ or PHP.
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Understand source control preferably Git.
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Understand bug tracking.
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Understand algorithm and logic.
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Has problem-solving skill.
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Understand database design and query.
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Preferred experience in Messaging system such as RabbitMQ.
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Preferred experience in NoSQL solution such as Cassandra,
MongoDB, Redis, Couchbase or Memcached.
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Preferred experience in Big Data solution such as Hadoop,
Greenplum, etc.
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Preferred experience in Continuous Integration such as
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Good attitude, fun to work with, curious about new
technology, able to work as team.
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Male/Female, Max 30 years old.
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Bachelor of Technology/Bachelor of Computer Science.  
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Minimum 5 years experienced handling infrastructure.
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Understand managing server in datacenter.
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Understand how to design infrastructure architecture for
highly available and scalable system. Working experience in Internet
application is preferred.
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Experienced in Cloud is preferred such as private, public
&hybrid. Any experience with Amazon AWS, Rackspace would be helpful.
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Experienced in OS, Router, Switch, SAN/NAS, SSD, Firewall
preferably using Open Source stack.
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Preferred experience in security hardening, penetration
testing, compliance & implementation of Intrusion Prevention
System/Intrusion Detection System, HTTPS/SSL.
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Female, Max. 30 years old
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's Degree,
-Journalism; Communication or Media Studies; Advertising.
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      At least 3 years of working experience
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      The ability to write good, clear copy in a variety of
styles with accurate spelling and grammar;
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Excellent teamwork, communication and interpersonal skills;
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Logic, creativity and imagination;
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines;
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Excellent organisational skills;
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Self-motivation, flexibility, stamina and ability to adapt;
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Confidence, enthusiasm and determination;
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Accuracy and attention to detail;
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      The resilience to accept criticism of your work;
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Commercial awareness with the ability to understand the
target audience;
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      An interest in popular culture, new trends and styles;
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Good research skills;
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢      Good administrative, IT and proofreading skills.
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢       IT Team
¢Ã¢‚¬•¢       COMMUNICATION Team
If you are confident that you meet our requirements &
looking for a new environment, please don't open our website JUST
submit your application, with complete curriculum vitae, updated photo, and
expected salary to

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