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Vacancy: Project Officer for Forestry Governance

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Tanggal Posting: 02 Jan 2015
Currently we have immediate vacancy for high caliber Indonesians with high integrity to fill the following position:    Project Officer for  Forestry Governance      
The Partnership for Governance Reform in Indonesia is a multi-stakeholder association dedicated to support Indonesian initiatives  aiming at supporting governance reform agenda. The Partnership works closely with national and international community to initiate,  advocate, and promote sustainable governance reform in Indonesia.    
The Partnership brings together the Indonesian Government, Legislature, Judiciary, Civil Society, and the Corporate Sector with the support of the International Community in initiating a long-term process to improve governance in Indonesia in a durable way which expresses Indonesian ownership.          Program and Organizational Context:                    Kemitraan(Partnership for Governance Reform) through its Economic and EnvironmentalGovernance (EEG) cluster continues its Forest Governance Program(FGP) from 2011-2014. The titleof the program that serves as the scope of the program is DeepeningGovernance Reform in the Forest Sector to Address Climate Change. Themain modality of FGP program implementation will depend heavily on Provisionof Technical Assistance and Funding Support to Address Causes of Deforestationand Increase Access to Forest Resources for Forest Dependent Communities andIndigenous Peoples in Indonesia.
The program is a growingprogram with generous from the  NorwegianGovernment, Climate Land Use Alliance and Ford Foundation. The goal of thisprogram is to visualize ¢Ã¢‚¬Ã…“Accelerateddevelopment of good forest and climate governance through policy developmentand practices that reduce deforestation and forest degradation as well asincrease access to forests resources for forest dependent communities andindigenous peoples.¢Ã¢‚¬•.    
Foresttenure, land conflict, unclear delineation of forest boundary and transparencyissue in forests gazzetment are fundamental issues that underline the causes ofdeforestation and forest degradation in Indonesia.  Kemitraanalso participated actively in the debates of climatechange mitigation and forest governance issues, including REDD+, and notably inpromoting the community-based and decentralized based forest management andbureaucracy reform.  
 At national level, Kemitraan works closely withseveral government agencies and CSO partners, including Ministry ofForestry.   Kemitraan signed an MoU with Ministryof Forestry to support Ministry of Forestry in improving good governance in the forestry sector,as one of   the main component of FGP-2. The MoU covers 6 (six)main programs that implemented with related units within the Ministry   such as: Ditgen BPDAS-PS, Ditgen Planology,Ditgen BUK, Ditgen PHKA, WGP (Ministry of Forestry Working Group on CommunityEmpowerment) , and WG-PI (Ministry of Forestry Working Group on ClimateChange).    
 Under the guidance and supervision of the ProgramOfficer  SEG, the ProjectOfficer will responsible for managing  implementation of Forest Governance Programphase 2.   The Project Officer maintainsrelation with government agencies, CSO partners, Private sector, and otherrelated partners in project implementation.    The Program Officer will work closely with the related Ministry's units, CSO partners,  Program Officer SEG, Program Manager SEG, Project Assistant,and   another SEG Team. The Project Officer also works in close collaboration with the otherprojects and programs, and other related units within Kemitraan in ensuring successful Kemitraan'sprogram implementation.  
q   Programmatic strategic direction and operation
1.              Identify areas of program support andintervention according to his/her main tasks
2.              Work with Program Manager, Program Officer,  Program Assistant, and other FGP team to   contribute to program related policy processes
3.              Keep regular communications with the Program Managerand Program Officer to ensure strategic interventions and project implementation
4.              Contribute and participate in resource mobilizationeffort for the program.
 q   Project design and formulation
1.              Develop monthly work plan on his areas ofresponsibilities
2.              Provide technical assistance to partners indeveloping project proposals or project plan  
3.              Coordination with other program team to addressany relevant issues through a synchronization of activities/programs from thestage of project design, work plan and proposal development, management,monitoring and evaluation.
 q   Project management and implementation
1.              Assist in managing the day-to-day operations of the project and reporting tothe Program Officer
2.              Ensuring the achievement of project outcome and output
3.              Provide technical assistance to partners and executing agencies in projectmanagement and implementation, including monitoring and evaluation
4.              Asses, facilitate and provide recommendations onproject proposals submitted by government agencies, NGOs, and other relevantpartners on substantive and financial aspect based on the program prioritiesand Partnership's SOP.
5.              Identify and develop synthesis of best practicesand lessons learned of the program.
 q   Coordination, Technical Assistance, and   Networking
1.              Maintain communication and coordination withpartners and executing agencies, government agencies, and other related parties
2.              Maintain strategic partnerships and networking with partners and executing agencies,  government agencies and other related parties.
Corporate Responsibility & teamwork:
q     Serves and promotes the vision, mission, values, and strategic goalsof the Partnership
q     Plans, prioritizes, and delivers tasks on time
q     Participates effectively in a team-based, information-sharingenvironment, collaborating and cooperating with others
People Skills:
q     Sets clear performance goals and standards; executes responsibilitiesaccordingly
Partnering & Networking:
q     Seeks and applies knowledge, information, and best practices fromwithin and outside the Partnership
q     Demonstrates effective written and oral communication skills
q     Demonstrates good facilitation skills
Job Knowledge & Expertise
q     Executes day-to-day tasks systematically & efficiently
q     Uses Information Technology effectively as a tool and resource
Is motivated &demonstrates a capacity to pursue personal development & learn
Requirements qualifications:Bachelors(S1) Degree in Forestry, Social Science or other related fields, having goodknowledge regarding the current forestry policies; climate and REDD+ processes;clear commitment to governance reform; humble in character and patient inlistening to stakeholders is a must
please send the application to
Application deadline :  .7 January 2015
Please DO NOT send your application letter to this

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