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Business Analyst training - for immediate job openings

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Tanggal Posting: 17 Feb 2011
Greetings from Business Analysis Training School !!!

Good news for Non-IT and IT people to attend Business Analysis training online to leverage your career as Business Analyst.

What is Business Analyst ?!?!?

Business Analyst is a new-economy job in an IT company who acts as a liaison between business people who have a business problem and technology people who know how to create automated solutions. This job is for the people, who are into non-IT fields like marketing, sales, advertising, BPO, call center, pre-sales etc as well as into IT like programming, testing, technical writing, etc. in all industries including, but not limited to:

IT, Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, Consulting, Investments, Stock Broking, Logistics, Recruitments, Travel & Tourism, Airways, Hotels etc

What is the role of Business Analyst in IT industry?

Acting as a liaison between the software development team and the business team.
Writing feasibility studies, project briefs, cost analysis, testing schedules and user manuals for new business processes.
Analyzing business processes to identify problems and implementing solutions that improve the business process.
Communicating and presenting technical solutions for business problems to business stakeholders and owners.
Documenting or explaining complex business operations to software developers in technical terms.

Skills and Requirements for a Business Analyst:

In some organizations, the business analyst works with a team of computer programmers and does not need to master computer programming.
Generally, a basic computer expertise in computer programming will help a business analyst perform their work better.

Career Outlook and Prospects for Business Analysts:

Like other professions in software development, business analysts also have well-paying jobs. In 2010, business analysts in the United States earned an average of $82,493 annually, with bonuses amounting to $5,783. The total increase from the figures of 2009 is 8.1%. Business Analysts who become contract information technology workers can earn six-figure salaries.

Grab this opportunity to pave your future as a Business Analyst
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BA Training School

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